Monday, August 11, 2008

Images From the Eaton Centre

Okay so I am at the Eaton's Centre this week and I saw this couple:

They were helping out Lush with a promotion, which is cool. I am going to facebook the bride so that she can get a copy of the above photo.

So I keep walking and I see this guy:

He was not helping anyone out with a promotion, he just likes dressing up as Little Bo Peep. This may sound like an easy hobby for a grown man to have but it is not. He has, he told me, his own dress maker, which is awesome because if he tried to fit into an off-the-rack Little Bo Peep dress, he would just end up looking stupid.

So I then go outside and walk around the Eaton Centre a bit and what do I see? This guy:

He is dressed up like an army figurine. Remember those little plastic ones you would try to melt with a magnifying glass? That is what he was dressed up as. Which was awesome and people loved him so they gave him all of their spare change.

This got me to thinking, if the bride, groom, and Little Bo Peep stood outside the Eaton's Centre instead of inside, I bet they would have a much more lucrative day. Which of course means that I am once again missing the point.