Friday, March 28, 2008

Celebrity Apprentice and The Backstreet Boys

Yes, I watched the entire two hour finale for Celebrity Apprentice last night. Even though it went on about an hour too long, even though we all wanted Trace to win but knew it was going to be Piers. Even though the last person I ever needed to see again on prime time televisions was Omarosa (let alone in a sequin suit [yuck], spouting off racial slurs against the English), I watched the show in it's entirety. And I would probably do it again.

I have to admit, I was incredibly moved by the efforts of everyone involved on behalf of various charities. After watching I had the urge to grab my ladle and run to the nearest soup kitchen. With that said, there were very few surprises to the whole shebang. With the exception, maybe, of how willing the Backstreet Boys were to look like total asses on national television.

Did they not realize that there every request was being filmed? That the general public might find humour and a touch of distaste to the fact that black nail polish and wheat grass juice was a requirement for performing for charity?

I am sure the guys are actually very nice...they were after all performing for charity event. I am also sure they would have gone on without all of the fancy water and polish (they did reluctantly forgo the wheatgrass juice, after all) BUT the damage has already been done simply by implying that these demands needed to be met in order for them to fulfill their obligation to charity. Ugh.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stumble(d)Upon Image of the Week

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Garbage Fees In Effect This Summer For Toronto Buildings: Top Ten Tips For Apatrment / Condo Dwellers To Eliminate Waste

Another great reason to reduce, reuse and recycle. As of July 1st, 2008, Buildings will be charged for garbage pickup. How long do you think it will take property management to pass those charges along to us? They will likely hike up our maintenance fees (again) or find a less obvious way to pass the buck.

I personally put lot of effort into minimizing my garbage output, so I feel as though I am trying to do my part. Still, my building does not have an organics/composts option, which means I am throwing perfectly compostable materials such as potato peelings and egg shells into the garbage. Do any buildings in downtown Toronto offer this option or is it just my building that ignores this opportunity to reduce waste?

Keeping in mind that composting is out for me (for now), here are my tips for helping Toronto Condo owners and renters eliminate waste:

1. Use fabric bags instead of disposable plastic.

2. Purchase in bulk and refill containers. This goes for shampoo, soap, and cereal, everything possible.

3. Don't purchase individual bottles of water. By a Britta and re-fill you washable water bottle.

4. Try not to purchase individual portions of any beverage. Again, Refill a washable water bottle.

5. Put your recyclables directly into the recycling. There is no real need to tie them up in a plastic bag first. If you must use a bag, make it paper.

6. Try to cut down on packaging. For example, the other day I had the opportunity to purchase batteries (A) with minimal packaging or batteries (B) with excessive packaging. I made the immediate and conscious effort to choose batteries (A).

7. When possible, avoid those clear plastic bags in the produce section of your grocery store. If you are only purchasing one onion, you do not need to put it in a bag, right?

8. Donate. All of those items and clothing that used to be cool but now look a little junky can be donated instead of thrown out. I am sure someone will still find them cool!

9. Trying using natural, all purpose cleaners like vinegar, baking soda (purchased in bulk, of course) and lemon instead of all of those single purpose cleaners like Windex, Toilet bowl cleaner, and Tile cleaner. At the same time, use old clothing as rags, don't buy disposable cloths, or go crazy with the paper towel.

10. Try to stop using cling wrap, baggies, and paper towels. Why not put your sandwich in a re-usable container instead?

Please feel free to leave a comment to add on to this list. I am always looking for ways to eliminate garbage.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Toronto Weddings For Everyone!

It seems that this is the summer all of my single friends in Toronto are getting hitched.

I am only exagerating a little when I say that I can call almost any given number stored in my cell phone and and up discussing wedding invititations, wedding dresses, or flowers. I am not complaining, mind you. My plan is to live vicariously through my engaged friends now so, should the time come that I am ready to choose my own wedding invite, wedding dress, and flowers, I will be armed with valuable knowledge and experience. In fact, just this week I learned an interesting new tidbit of wedding ettiquette knowledge; people are sending out pre-invites now?!

When did pre-invites start happening? I just received the prettiest photo card from a girlfriend announcing that she was getting married on July 5th, so I should reserve the date, a formal annuncement would follow. What a great idea, I think. As I said earlier, hers is just one Toronto wedding of many going on this upcoming season and now she has dibbs on July 5th.

Anyway, I am going to sign off now, my coworker has just come back from her wedding and honeymoon in Jamaica, I most go congratulate her!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Why CoWorkers Catch Me Surfing

I saw this photo and could NOT stop laughing. At work. Again.

pht courtesy of: Bling it

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Hip Hop Forum

Seeing as how I am a 30 year old white woman who has a growing collection of overpriced clothing for her dog, most people would not expect me to have an affinity for hard core rap music. Here is the thing, though. I seriously do. That is why I jumped at the opportunity to review one of the very few hip hop forums out there. It is brand new.

Immediately upon landing on the site I was impressed. Snoop Dogg, Jay Z, Ice Cube and Eminem jumped out at me, along with a great colour scheme. The forums are actually interesting; a great mix of old school and new. Black Sheep? Are they still around? Holy Sh*#, that's awesome! I LOVED them when was a teenager.

Aside form the Forum, there was also artist listings and news on when new albums are dropping, among other stuff.

Definitely a site worth bookmarking.

Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim To Win: Are you feeling lucky, punk?

Roll Up The Rim is back (until May) at Tim Horton's. The coffee vending machine guy has not even bothered to stop in and refill the machine since the Roll Up The Rim campaign started up again. No one is complaining, really. Everyone just takes turns going to Timmy's

How many free coffees have you won? I have won 4. I am currently drinking an extra large Tim Horton's coffee as I write this so that number may increase once I have reached the bottom of this cup. Another question, do you use your teeth or fingers to roll up the rim? I will not use my mouth becuase I feel sorry for the poor server being paid mimimum wage to take a section of my used coffee cup in exchange for coffee. My bf on the other hand does not seemed to be bothered by her predicament.

Actually, thinking on that, I hope she washes her hands between orders. Ugh.

photo courtesy of Ending Joy EveryDay blog...because she can.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Make Your Own George W. Bush Speech.

I had to share this page I just Stumbled Upon. It allows you to create your own George W. Bush speeches. Unfortunately we cannot record our masterpieces and forward them to friends but it is still a fun game.

Make Your Own George W. Bush Speech

I love Stumble Upon!

Stella's Out of Bath Experience

Is it over?

I am the QUEEN of clean

Is that a camera? Seriously, I am NOT cool with that

Friday, March 14, 2008

Probably Why I Am Not an Economist.

Unless you live under a rock, you are probably aware that the state of the US housing market is, well, too completely understate the situation, not so good. The state of the Canadian housing market is still going strong but I know that a lot of people who were thinking about investing in real estate are now putting off those plans to see “where the economy goes”.

I wonder if people in other countries are not taking such precautions. The UK and Europe’s economy is not so closely linked to the US as Canada’s but still...they are probably keeping an eye on US happenings. I know I would be.

So, if people are holding off on investing in real estate but they still want to spend (after all, how is putting your money in savings going to help the economy?), what are - or should they be - thinking about investing in? Hmmm...What about real estate? I know I sound like a crazy person, but what about commercial real estate? If you are not worried about a depression, which not many people are really, why not take advantage of commercial real estate and Commercial Mortgages? After all, if people aren’t buying, they have to be renting, right? I think I would like to look into a commercial spot with a profitable apartment above.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Send a Fax Showing Your Support of Bhopalies Fight for Justice

A good friend of mine sent me this email yesterday. In an efort to spread the word, I am posting her message here:

More than 50 people from Bhopal are on the 13th day on their way to New Delhi. Walking and calling for support. When they reach New Delhi they'll have walked for more than a month - 500km for basic rights that many take for granted.

They are demanding:
Special Commission on Bhopal: To provide Safe Drinking water, Medical care & research , social and economic rehabilitation
Legal action against Dow Chemical: Continue request a deposit from Dow in clean up case, cancel registration of pesticides from Dow which were obtained by bribery
- including Dursban (banned in the US), Move for extradition of Union Carbide & former Carbide CEO Warren Anderson.

Send a Fax Showing Your Support of Bhopalies Fight for Justice.

TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Have you talked about this to your friends and asked them to join in? Well, there you go. Still many do not know what is happening in Bhopal. Awareness is critical. Check for facts @

ORKUT/FACEBOOK/BLOGS: Write a story about Bhopal on your orkut profile/websites/blogs and let everyone notice it.

OK… you are saying 'I do not have time for all those things'.
Here is something you can do passively :

EMAIL SIGNATURE: Remind people with an email signature. See, that is easy. Or include an image and link it to the fax action page.
Download this picture.

Excerpt from the daily blog of the march: '
How on earth do the older people (and young) walk 800 kilometers to Delhi without major problems? I stand in awe of these survivors, their ill health is evident as is their poverty, yet all are powered by a mysterious force of will more powerful than ill health or blisters. This power manifests day after day as the distance to Delhi decreases.' Read More.. Get updates from