Monday, April 21, 2008

Stella's Bath Time

Aww C'mon! Just when I get a good stink on!

But I like how I stink?

You may have won this round but I will stink again.

This tub stinks

You stink.

Friday, April 11, 2008

$2 Tuesday Beer Ban?

A brawl broke out at last Tuesday's game in the $2 section. Apparently over 100 people were kicked out of the stadium. Paul Godfrey, the team president and chief executive officer, watched the whole thing, likely from his box seat, and immediately banned alcohol in the $2 section.

So they have banned beer in the Blue Jays $2 Tuesdays section of the Rogers Centre. And they may ban $2 Tuesdays all together.

Am I the only one who is completely insulted by this?

I have been a big supporter of $2 Tuesdays. I had even started planning and organizing a $2 Tuesday Jays night outing for international students/backpackers staying at my friend's international hostel. I also have gone to regular priced games and, on occasion, sat just a few rows behind the home plate. Yet apparently because I am the type of person who takes advantage of $2 Tuesday, I am also the type who should be banned from buying beer?

How about, instead of stereotyping and placing blame solely on bored fans (that's right, I went there, when you don't play well, we get bored) you take a look at your management and servers. Perhaps you should train your staff not to serve more beer to obviously intoxicated people? Have these servers even been sent to a Smart Serve class? When a booze induced brawl breaks out, perhaps you should start asking why these people were not cut off. Oh, and just and aside, one of the most obvious clues that a Blue Jays fan is intoxicated? They no longer grumble at the price of $10 beer as they fork over the dollars.

Well despite the fact that, regardless if my seat section, I rarely drink more than a diet soda I for one will not shell out $2, $20, or $200 to see the Blue Jays play until this is resolved and the bartending staff take a little more responsibility for this brawl.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Stumble(d)Upon Image of the Week

No matter how bad this winter has been here in Toronto, at least none of us had to deal with this!
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