Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why I Can't Take Him Anywhere

So the bf are at a very nice dinner being held by a client-turned-friend's house. In other words, she is my friend but she is primarily a client and so I have to display some level of professionalism in her presense.

So, I ask how her business is, she asks how my business is, and we chitchat about business. In retrospect, this must have been more than a little boring for the bf but, whatever, I do the same for him in a different capacity.

So somehow the topic turned towards clients who expect services for free and clients who have difficulty with the concept of services rendered (we both had gripes about this although neither of us mentioned the specicific clients with whom we were experiencing trouble). She was about to tell me what specifically she says to clients when they try to receive free services,

"I just firmly but politely tell them..." this is the point in the conversation when my boyfriend's attention somehow drifts towards the conversation, but not really, and he blurts out "Cracker gots ta get paid!"

Dead silence.

We both look over at him, her with her mouth slightly ajar, but he does not even notice because he is too busy fiddling with his napkin. "Craker got's ta get paid?" I repeat incredulously.

"What?" he asks
"What?" I ask
"Cracker got's ta get paid?" he asks
"What?" She asks
"What." he says.
"Pass the wine, please?" I ask.

And we moved on.