Friday, October 3, 2008

Holidays Are Coming! Are you gift ready?

Hi Everyone! Here is a link to an article I wrote for all of you who would like some money saving tips when it comes to gift giving this holiday season.

I would like to divulge a very personal and embarrassing secret about myself. A secret so incredible that even the most open minded of people whom have heard me tell it have gasped in horror and confusion. Here it is. Here is the secret. Are you ready? I. Love. Holiday. Shopping.
Holiday shopping for me is a contact sport complete with pre game strategizing, mental preparation, and warm up stretches. Come game time, I have focus, I have drive, I have what it takes to take on every single store in that mall and come out on top! How can I love it so much, you ask? The crowds, the wasted money, the other people's whining, peanut butter covered kids attached to your leg in a three hour long Toys r Us line up? The answer is simple; I skip those parts. Here is how here to read article...