Monday, April 21, 2008

Stella's Bath Time

Aww C'mon! Just when I get a good stink on!

But I like how I stink?

You may have won this round but I will stink again.

This tub stinks

You stink.


Murphy Dogg said...

I agree 100%, Stella! Us dogs are not meant to be clean, we are descended from wild wolves who never take baths. I also enjoy my stinkiness, especially my corn-chippy smellin' toes.
Murphy Dogg

Christaligia said...

hehehe you're cute :-)

Petra said...

Hi Stella! I'm with you --- baths STINK! And I had to have one last night, too. It's much better to stink, especially after I've been rolling around in the mud and dirt and poop outside!

Mack said...

The white around your neck is sooooo pretty Stella! I think it makes you look extra Diva-ish, sorta like you're wearing a fur shawl!

I think you are too pretty to stink!

Smartguy McBigBrain said...

What's up with all these dogs leaving comments? Dogs can't type. Whenever my dog tries, it comes out all looking like "aovihasghiog nba;ladsg;oivahbiovhoshdnaho;isdna shviuoanjlks;d" and whatnot.