Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bhopalis demanding justice in New Delhi: Show your support

A good friend of mine sent this to my inbox today so I am posting it here:

Bhopalies have been in Delhi protesting for over 50 days and things are tense. We really need to show support. A lot of you signed this last year and it helped then.

Click on this link to send the fax:( to support the Bhopalis demanding justice in New Delhi. If you have already sent a fax, thank you; we have revised the fax, and we're asking you to take action again. For info about what's going on check out for the blog. It is really interesting.

In February a group of survivors of the 1984 Bhopalchemical disaster left their homes in Bhopal to walk to New Delhi to ask forjustice from their government. They have been sitting in at their Dharnasite in New Delhi for over 45 days, they have met with a Group of Ministers,they have had nearly daily protests and press conferences, and yet the PrimeMinister still refuses to meet with them.

The Bhopalis' demands are simple and reasonable:

1. Set up a Special Commission on Bhopal for the next 30 years to addressthe following issues: - Medical Care Research and Monitoring - Social and Economic Rehabilitation - Environmental Remediation - Safe Drinking Water

2. Take legal action against Dow - Seek money from Dow Chemical for toxic clean up in Bhopal - Move for extradition of the authorized representative of Union Carbide Corporation and prime accused Warren Anderson
- Revoke approval given to Reliance Industries for purchase of Union Carbide's Unipol technology, which is intellectual property that must be confiscated as Union Carbide has been absconding since 1992
- Cancel registration for all four pesticides, including Dursban, obtained by bribing Agriculture Ministry officials as established by the Securities & Exchange Commission, USA.

Because the Prime Minister still refuses to meet with the Bhopalis, we needsupporters from all over the world to continue to communicate with him, andurge him to do so. This is why we have revised the fax to him, and we are asking you to take action now, by sending a free fax

You could also add the link to your facebook, msn, myspace.

Thank you for your support.

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