Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The New Condo

This weekend I moved into my new condo (yay!). My boyfriend and I purchased it well over a year ago and we have just been waiting for it to be built. Not that we have any complaints about that. Infact the move in date was earlier than we expected. I would upload photos but our Internet is not hooked up yet and it is bad enough that I am blogging at work. Getting out the digital camera and hooking it up to the computer might be just a little much.

Anyway, we moved into a 630 sq.ft unit in the Pinnacle Centre at Harbour and Yonge (downtown Toronto). The three of us (my boyfriend, cat and I) are still getting used to such a small space but it is very exciting. Okay, maybe that cat is not so excited but whatever, I got to check off homeowner on a survey for the first time ever!

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