Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Internet Hooked Up, I Hate Rogers

My Internet is finally hooked up. Consequently I have decided that I hate Rogers. Installation was scheduled for yesterday evening while I was at work. I was told that everything went smoothly with the exception that the installation guy needed a stepping stool and, on my boyfriend's approval, used my storage bin. It held him for about three seconds before his foot went through it. This is not why I hate Rogers, that was not his fault really, since my boyfriend told him to go ahead and stand on it.

Nope, the real reason I am seething is mostly over that stupid recording, "If you are calling about home phone, say"home phone."
"I believe you said "home phone", is that correct?"
"Okay, you are now in the home phone menu. What service are you looking for?"
"I believe you said "Cable Service" is that correct?"
Then we start over from very beginning, twice because we are disconnected once. 45 minutes later, I have installation scheduled and a very peeved boss because I missed three of his calls. Unfortunanately, this is not where my dissastisfaction ends.

The evening before the Rogers guy is scheduled to arrive, I get a letter in my mailbox telling me that I am entitled to two free months Rogers service. I call the contact on the sheet and he tells me I need to call Rogers (is he not Rogers?). I spend about 1o minutes with the annoying recording before being transferred, disconnected (which means another session with voice recording guy) transferred again, and then transfered once more. I am then told that the only person in the entire organization of Rogers who is able to authorize this deal is the contact on the sheet who I originally called. I am also told that there is another deal out there not quite as good as two free months but also better than the one I got, but he (the call centre rep) is not authorised to give me that deal either. After asking to be transferred to someone who is authorised, I am told that he also can't do that. He tells me that I can try calling back and if I happen to get a different call centre filled with actual Rogers employees than I might be able to get the deal he just told me about. Aargh!

The contact on the letter who I originally called is ignoring my calls and, as an end result, I am screwed. The Rogers guy came, installed stuff, broke my storage box, and left. And that is the sad end ofthis particular rant.

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