Thursday, February 7, 2008

It Sucks to Be a Star

Having no insight whatsoever into the glamourous powder keg that is Hollywood, I have no other obvious choice than to blame the media for all of these young stars going down in tragic flames.

I was as devastated as I can be over the loss of life of someone I have never met when Heath Ledger's death was announced. I have been convinced that he is an endearing and sensitive individual ever since being introduced to him in 10 Things I Hate About You.

I was shocked and dismayed when I learned of Eva Mendez' decision to enter rehab. She is one of my favourite actors, I love her in The Rundown, which is such a goofy fun movie. Now, just now, I learn that Kirsten Dunst is in rehab.

It must be too dificult to be a star in this day and age. I know there are some out there (like my bf) who think I am being too soft but I don't think so. The paparazzi and the Internet render it next to impossible to attain privacy. If the media decides that your life is newsworthy, you are in very big, very public trouble. There are many who say that the media just give the people access to what they want to see. I do not think that is true. The media gives us train wrecks. We do not want to look but, when it is right in front of us, we can't help but look.

I think Lindsay Lohan is adorable and talented. I still have hope that she will get back on track. And yes I do believe that Brittany has a shot at returning to sanity. People just need to leave other people alone once in a while.

Report: Kirsten Dunst Checks Into Rehab

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