Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sheriff Dumps Quadriplegic on Floor Police Station Floor

A sheriff in Hillsborough County dumped a quadriplegic man out of his wheelchair after he repeatedly told her he could not stand. A few other members of the police department did nothing to stop her or help the man. In fact, they frisked him before unceremoniously dumping him back in his wheelchair.

The sheriff who had tilted his chair forward until he fell to the floor appeared smiling and happy for the remainder of the day. She obviously did not feel the least bit apologetic or guilty because she had no problem making eye contact with the victim at the end of and smiling.

Oh by the way, the reason the victim was being booked in the first place? Failure to Appear for a traffic violation.

Here is the full story and a video: Deputy Dumps Quadriplegic out of Wheelchair


Scott said...

Wow! That was VERY disturbing!

Nanette said...

Yes, very upsetting that things like this still happen!