Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Tree Saga

As some of you know, I personally wanted to skip the Christmas and the tree this year but the BF was insistent upon having one. I put up a mild fight until one of my very dear and overly blunt male friends pointed out that, if his girlfriend wanted a tree on their first Xmas, living in their new home, he would feel like a real asshole if he vetoed it. Okay, he was right and now we have a 7.5 ft tree taking a huge portion of our living room. It is not yet decorated despite the fact that it has been up for about a week. Hopefully we will get to it tonight.

Last night, I ruined the diet by making and drinking a mug of hot chocolate and watching one of my all time favourite Christmas movies, Love Actually. It was a ploy to revv myself up, get into the holiday spirit and to become inspired to decorate the tree. The issue now is that I just have SO much to do! I will have to put it off for one more night I guess, my clients will understand I am sure. I will definitely post a pic of the tree after it is decorated.

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