Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wal-Mart Sues Brain Damaged woman for $417,000

Deborah Shank was an employee of Wal-Mart Until a horrible accident left her both brain-damaged and paralyzed.

Mrs. Shank now needs help with even the most basic of tasks, she cannot even eat supper without help. Mrs. Shank and the family sued, and finally received, a settlement against the trucking company responsible the semi-trailer that caused Mrs. Shank's accident. After legal fees and additional costs, Mrs. Shank only received about half of the settlement award, just under $420,000. The Shank's were happy with this amount as it would likely mean the difference between keeping Mrs. Shank at home with her family and a nurse or forcing her into a nursing home.

This is about the point where Wal-Mart steps in. After allowing the Shank's to go through the entire battle and cost of fighting for a reasonable settlement without offering their help or support, Wal-Mart took away Mrs. Shank's 400,000 + dollars; an amount that is less than a drop in the bucket for the low-end retail chain and yet means everything to the Shank's.

The Shank's are flabergasted as Mrs. Shank had no idea that such a clause was in her in her health plan contract. A lawyer representing the Shanks attempted a compromise with Wal-Mart but was informed that their only intention was to sue for the entire amount, regardless of circumstance. It turns out they were not fooling around. The court ruled in Wal-Mart's favour just six days after Mr.s Shank's son Jeremy was killed while serving in Iraq.

Believe it or not, the above mentioned insurance clause is in a lot of employer insurance contracts across the US but employers do not bother to enforce this. And how could they in good conscience?

This blogger has never been a fan of Wal-Mart. I avoid their stores like the plague. Until this story hit, I had not officilly decided to boycott Wal-Mart. Now, though I would officially like to announce my boycott of Wal-Mart. I hope more people join me.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that a company as large as Wal-Mart and that makes as much money as they do would STEAL money from a women who has brain damage and a women who lost her son in IRAQ. SHAME ON U WALMART SHAME ON YOU!!! You know actually it doesn't surprise me they rip consumers and employees off all the time why not a paralized brain damaged women...WALMART U SUCK!!!!!
My thoughts and prayers go out to the Shank family keep fighting that money belongs to you God be with you.

Diane said...

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