Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Holidays!!! (just a little belated)

My Christmas was excellent! After months of paid blogging, I saved up enough to get my brother the Nintendo Wii, my boyfriend's trimmer and binoculars, and my mother's gift. Everyone seemed really happy with their presents. Whew!

I was in charge of Christmas dinner this year and I made my family a turkey even though I am a vegetarian. The decision to make it was a bit of a struggle but, if I did not cook it, my mother would have. She would have picked up one of those horrible pre-stuffed Butterballs. With me cooking it, at least I was able to pick out a free range, humanely raised, hormone free bird. Everyone seemed to enjoy the dinner so I was very relieved.

My Stella Bella and Nellie were both pretty spoiled this year. They both had stockings full of toys and Stella got a pink collar with tree studs and rhinestones. Of course it sounds tacky but it is actually pretty cool.

All in all I think everyone had a great holiday. And thanks to hours of playing my brother's Wii, I think we each only gained 3lbs instead of 5.

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