Thursday, December 13, 2007

I am a workoholic nut. It is official.

It has recently come to my attention that I am completely nuts. Loco, off my rocker, out of my tree, stone cold crazy. A while back, I volunteered the services of both Mark and I for a fun thing called Operation Red Nose. Basically we work as a team to drive tipsy people home from the bar or club in their own car. One drives the person's car, the other drives her other words, Mark drives the other person's car, I follow. I have offered our services for tonight, tomorrow night, and Saturday night. I will be dead tired at work tomorrow and on Sunday, I am sure..yes, I also got roped into a shift at the ACC this weekend for a Raptors game. Basically I work today 8am-5pm, tonight 7pm -2am, tomorrow 8am-5pm, then 7pm-2am, and then Saturday 7pm-2am, Sunday 10am-3pm. Then back to regularly scheduled programming on Monday.

Yep, I am bent.

On the upside, if you happen to be imbibing and partaking in merriment this weekend in the Distillery district, feel free to look up Operation Red Nose. We will give you a ride home, free of charge (if you have your own vehicle for us to drive you in).

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