Thursday, December 13, 2007

Elvis, Money Making Opps and More

Okay folks, I was on a pretty exciting site today (my surfing and website-reviewing increases ten-fold during the 9-5 hours of the December/Holiday season. Be prepared!)

Anyhoo, I was on this exciting site today, complete with dolled up Elvis impersonators, a million people who think they can do a better job than Rihanna at singing Umbrella (I am sure at least half of them are right), and FREE money making opps. That is right, this site boasts the ability for us to Make FAST & EASY money with this free opportunity.

So while you are bored at work this December, and I know you are, go check out this site. Upload a video of yourself in all your awesome coolness singing like a rock star. You just might win a bunch of cash. Or join their FREE affiliate program and earn cash with their triple tiered opportunity.

If you do upload a video, make sure to come back here and tell me where it is!

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