Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim To Win: Are you feeling lucky, punk?

Roll Up The Rim is back (until May) at Tim Horton's. The coffee vending machine guy has not even bothered to stop in and refill the machine since the Roll Up The Rim campaign started up again. No one is complaining, really. Everyone just takes turns going to Timmy's

How many free coffees have you won? I have won 4. I am currently drinking an extra large Tim Horton's coffee as I write this so that number may increase once I have reached the bottom of this cup. Another question, do you use your teeth or fingers to roll up the rim? I will not use my mouth becuase I feel sorry for the poor server being paid mimimum wage to take a section of my used coffee cup in exchange for coffee. My bf on the other hand does not seemed to be bothered by her predicament.

Actually, thinking on that, I hope she washes her hands between orders. Ugh.

photo courtesy of Ending Joy EveryDay blog...because she can.

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