Thursday, March 6, 2008

Send a Fax Showing Your Support of Bhopalies Fight for Justice

A good friend of mine sent me this email yesterday. In an efort to spread the word, I am posting her message here:

More than 50 people from Bhopal are on the 13th day on their way to New Delhi. Walking and calling for support. When they reach New Delhi they'll have walked for more than a month - 500km for basic rights that many take for granted.

They are demanding:
Special Commission on Bhopal: To provide Safe Drinking water, Medical care & research , social and economic rehabilitation
Legal action against Dow Chemical: Continue request a deposit from Dow in clean up case, cancel registration of pesticides from Dow which were obtained by bribery
- including Dursban (banned in the US), Move for extradition of Union Carbide & former Carbide CEO Warren Anderson.

Send a Fax Showing Your Support of Bhopalies Fight for Justice.

TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Have you talked about this to your friends and asked them to join in? Well, there you go. Still many do not know what is happening in Bhopal. Awareness is critical. Check for facts @

ORKUT/FACEBOOK/BLOGS: Write a story about Bhopal on your orkut profile/websites/blogs and let everyone notice it.

OK… you are saying 'I do not have time for all those things'.
Here is something you can do passively :

EMAIL SIGNATURE: Remind people with an email signature. See, that is easy. Or include an image and link it to the fax action page.
Download this picture.

Excerpt from the daily blog of the march: '
How on earth do the older people (and young) walk 800 kilometers to Delhi without major problems? I stand in awe of these survivors, their ill health is evident as is their poverty, yet all are powered by a mysterious force of will more powerful than ill health or blisters. This power manifests day after day as the distance to Delhi decreases.' Read More.. Get updates from

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