Friday, March 28, 2008

Celebrity Apprentice and The Backstreet Boys

Yes, I watched the entire two hour finale for Celebrity Apprentice last night. Even though it went on about an hour too long, even though we all wanted Trace to win but knew it was going to be Piers. Even though the last person I ever needed to see again on prime time televisions was Omarosa (let alone in a sequin suit [yuck], spouting off racial slurs against the English), I watched the show in it's entirety. And I would probably do it again.

I have to admit, I was incredibly moved by the efforts of everyone involved on behalf of various charities. After watching I had the urge to grab my ladle and run to the nearest soup kitchen. With that said, there were very few surprises to the whole shebang. With the exception, maybe, of how willing the Backstreet Boys were to look like total asses on national television.

Did they not realize that there every request was being filmed? That the general public might find humour and a touch of distaste to the fact that black nail polish and wheat grass juice was a requirement for performing for charity?

I am sure the guys are actually very nice...they were after all performing for charity event. I am also sure they would have gone on without all of the fancy water and polish (they did reluctantly forgo the wheatgrass juice, after all) BUT the damage has already been done simply by implying that these demands needed to be met in order for them to fulfill their obligation to charity. Ugh.

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