Wednesday, January 2, 2008

All I want for Christmas is...

I was so spoiled this year! I did not really have a list, or any idea for that matter, about what I wanted for Christmas so I was not really expecting much in the gifts department. It turns out, though, that my friends and family know me pretty well. I did not receive one truly crappy gift....well maybe one but, just in case the giver is reading this blog, I will not name names. Although the giver of this yucky gift is quite elderly and does not likely own a computer, let alone read blogs (especially mine) so I am just being overly cautious.

Anyway, in an effort to offset the one truly uncool Christmas present this year, and to congratulate myself for doing an exceptional job at picking out gifts for friends and family (if I do say so, myself), I think I will take it upon myself to pick out a Christmas gift to me, from me. Maybe something for my bedroom like Contemporary Bedding. And then once I have received said bedding, I will curl up in it, unwrap the organic dark chocolate my good friends Dave and Stephanie gave me, and pop my new Chicago dvd from Mark into the vcr and have myself an awesome "Sick day".

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