Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More on American Idol

In my earlier post today, I wrote a few comments about the American Idol season premier. As soon as I logged out, of course, I immediately saw a headline on MSN promising video footage of the show. When I eagerly clicked on it, here is the photo that jumped onto my screen:

How could I forget this guy?!?! His chest hair was both distracting and disturbing Paula, and the rest of us, so he actually went, got it waxed, and came back to audition with red skin glowing. Then did not let him audition for more than half of a second despite Paula's mild protests so his efforts were all for nothing.

And what about the creepy crawly stalker with a pentrating gaze directed solely at Paula. My BF says that he must've lost a bet with someone...let's hope that is the case but security did step in and pull him away from the jusdging table and out the room.

Another tear fille dmoment for me was of course the wedding singer with the sick duaghter, oh I am such a softie!

Here is the article from MSN, I think you will find the video there, too!

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