Wednesday, January 16, 2008

American Idol New Season Comments

So the BF and I were babysitting my little brother last night. After stirfry and sushi, then an hour of Wii, we all settled in as best we could on my mother's incredibly uncomfortable sofa to watch the season premier of American Idol.

My first comment is about 16 year old Temptress. Did she not break your heart? Only sixteen and already the weight of the world on her shoulders. Even Simon could not sit stoically whilst the girls dreams were dashed. The three judges walked a sobbingTemptress out of the judging room and apologized to her family for the girls lack of talent. It was so obvious that she was not dissapointed for herself but rather in herself for letting down her family, especially her mother whomis obviously very dependant on her.

My second comment is about the crazy angry glitter-faced girl who freaked out after (very kindly, I thought) being turned down unanimously by the judges. Her anger was completely uncalled for and entirely focused on Simon.

My third comment is that Simon remained somewhat removed and only somewhat scathing.

I am not sure how much I will catch of this season's Idol. Like many, I tune in for the auditions and perhaps drift in and out based on what other people in the house want to watch.

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