Thursday, May 3, 2007

5 Questions Every B2B Cold Caller Should Ask

I am writing this as I am on the phone with a media vendor. He has been going on and on and on without taking a breath. He hasn't let me get a word in edgewise. He did not even ask me if I am in charge of marketing decisions.... omigod, he is finally asking me a question and it is an inquiry as to the origin of my did he go from discussing mining tradeshow publications to asking about my name? I wouldn't know, I guess because I tuned out. Nevermind, this is just silly.

Why do media representatives call a person and then bulldoze him or her into a one sided conversation? They should at least ask questions first to qualify the prospect as worth their time, I would think....he just ended the conversation now....that a media rep would not want to waste his or her energy on someone who obviously was not going to purchase. So why not begin a phone call with questions like:

1. Are you the decision maker?

2. Who is your target market?

3 When do you make most of your marketing decisions

4. (after receiving answer to 3, which in our case is October) Would you be willing to make an exception if I had a great opportunity that fit your target market perfectly?

5. What would be the most convient way for me to get my media kit / information package to you?

I am not a professional media rep but I know that I listen a lot more attentively to (ie. I would not write a blog while on the phone with) someone who begins a sales call by making sure she or he is not wasting time, mine or hers.

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