Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Just Say Hi to This Free Dating Service

I have more than a few friends who are on dating sites. Some of them have more luck than others and I think all of them have better luck than they would if they were looking for love in bars and clubs. The problem my friends have with most dating sites, though, is that they end up costing way too much and it is difficult to meet people in a desired area. One of my friends here at work had to break her lunch time habit of chatting on one particular site because it was simply costing too much money. After much moral support from her fellow female coworkers, she went cold turkey, poor girl!

Today, I found a new dating site to tell her about. It is called JustSayHi.com. Not only is JustSayHi.com 100% free, it can also be local! You just type in your postal code and how far you are willing to travel for that perfect find. There are about a billion profiles and photos to look at; this free dating site obviously has a huge network. I am sure my coworker will be impressed. So much so that when she is next ordering the office supplies, she will finally order me purple Post It sticky pads and a matching highlighter I have been requesting instead of those boring yellow ones!

Any way, the url is: http://www.justsayhi.com/. I have already emailed the link to a couple of single friends and hopefully they will post some great feedback soon!

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