Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Blue Jays vs. Red Sox Game. A Review from Someone Who Knows Nothing Much About Base Ball

First of all, I would like to say that I was wrong. $2 Jays games on Tuesdays is not happening for the next month or so. Apparently we got our dates wrong, we missed the last two $2 Tuesday games and next Tuesday (May 15th) is the last game. Ah well, it is only like $9 for the cheap seats on a regular day anyway so it is no big deal.

Now I have to say (and in my mind I am saying this in the voice of comic book guy from The Simpsons) "Worst Blue Jays game ever"! I can't believe it. The game went on until like 10:30 at night even though we pretty much handed them the win by the second inning. The game was so boring that people started throwing paper airplanes and the crowd started cheering that instead of the game. An airplane would start making its way down from 500 level and it would look like it was going to make it onto the field "oh! OH! OHH!" and finally "ohhhhhh...." if it dipped back into the crowd before making it onto the field. Some did make it to the field thouh and the whole crowed would cheer! One actually swooped down and turned itself around to fly right into the Jays dugout. We cheered like crazy - "That's how we do it up here in the 500 level!"

Anyway, I don't understand how a game complete with a fan jumping onto the field and making it almost all the way across before being tackled by three security guards, a batter for the Red Sox being hit by a 94 mph fastball, and tons of home made paper airplanes (one that made it onto the field was about 2 1/2 feet long) could still be so insanely boring!

I had much more fun watching the Jays last season. Oh, and had much better nachos. Last season they had these big portions of real salty nachos with spicy "cheese" (I use the term "cheese" loosely). I used to share with my boyfriend because I couldn't finish them on my own. This year they had itty bitty portions of bland nachos bland cheese.

Ah well. I have complained enough for one day, I think. Besides, I did go with my awesome friends and there we had a pretty good crowd up in the 500 level. A girl in our section even had a cow bell with her and everyone knows how awesome cow bells are. We kept yelling "I need more cow bell!" but I am pretty sure you had to have seen the Saturday Night Live Christopher Walkin skit to find that funny...and even then.

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