Friday, May 4, 2007

My Boston Terrier is Teaching Herself Tricks!

Stella is 12 weeks old now and she is getting so much bigger! The breeder said that he did not expect her to get any bigger than 18 pounds and I am certaintly hoping that is true. A 630 sq ft. condo is not a lot of space for a girl, her boyfriend, cat and dog! Stella is starting to show a lot of muscle definition and a bit of brindle in her. It's nice because it will help us spot her in a crowd.

Stella is also getting a lot smarter and cheekier! She has figured out how to secretly hold cat food in her mouth and nonchalantly make her way over to the sofa. Our only clue to her sneaky behaviour happens when we hear her crunching away from under the couch!

She has also figured out that we give her a treat and lavish her with praise every time she pees on her puppy training pad. While this revelation has not made her go on the pad every time, she will arbitrarily squat on the pad and pretend she is peeing! Sometimes she will do this after she has had an accident somewhere else!

I guess that is the thing with Boston Terriers, they are smart and comical. In other words, they are little monsters!

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