Monday, May 7, 2007

My Brother's Birthday: 9 Kids, 6 Adults, 1 Cat and 1 Dog in a 630 sq ft Condo

I hosted a birthday party for my brother and his friends this weekend. My condo is so tiny, I put a limit of 6 kids on the party. Of course that means 9 kids and 3 parents showed up (totalling 6 adults). Once again I was really impressed with the layout of this condo. It seems like there is so much more space that there really is, even with so many people in it. Of course we did not spend a tonne of time in the actual apartment, maybe 2 hours tops. The kids went swimming and then we all watched a movie in the theatre room. My brother picked out "The Quest For The Holy Grail". In fact, the whole party was knight themed, starting with the invites, which were scrolls tied with ribbon. The kids even wore knight costumes and before going down to the pool, they made knight helmuts using duct tape and fun foam pre-cut from patterns my mom found online. In the pool, the kids had sword fights with water squirting foam swords.

The cake was a masterpiece of course. My mother does the most amazing cakes every year. This one was a castle surrounded by a moat and it had the funny French guy, the cow thrown by the French guy, and the killer bunny from Quest For the Holy Grail.

The kids had a great time and so did I but, man I am glad it is over!!!

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