Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Okay! Blue Jays! $2 Tuesdays are Back!

I am so excited today because $2 Tuesday Jays games are back! Every Tuesday for the next month or so, Torontonians (and visitors) can get cheap-seat tickets for the Blue Jays at the Toronto Sky Dome...er, Rogers Centre. Last year my friends and I went almost every week, we just bought a block of 10 or so tickets and we would all just meet up after work. I have been looking forward to doing the same this year. I almost feel guilty paying so little to watch The Jays play. Luckily my guilt is washed away with $10 beer and $8 nachos.

I am actually planning to join a baseball team this year on the Toronto Island. Normally such a thought would never cross my mind (I have not played baseball since I was 12) but this is just a casual game of pick up – is that the right term, pick up? We all just get together and take the water taxi over and have fun. From what my friends told me, there isn’t even any strike outs. Hopefully that means I won’t be too embarrassed by my lack of skills!

Anyway, back to my plans tonight: Okay! Blue Jays! Let’s! Play! Ball!

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