Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Brief Stay in Canmore, Alberta.

After finally getting out of Calgary we drove our Budget Rent a Car in the direction of the border. We stopped in Canmore and I made my boyfriend try his first Italian Soda. He did not like it. We saw a very cool looking doggie boutique called The Mut Hut but we did not stop in because I was afraid I would buy Stella and Nellie a foffilian presents that we would have to lug around the rest of the vacation. Instead we made Canmore our last stop on the way back to the airport at the end of vacation. I made very modest purchases in only the way that someone who had spent her entire vacation budget on shoes can; I bought Stella a pink camoflauge dog bone for about $14 and I bought Nellie a laser pointer shaped like a mouse for about $6.99. Excellent gift choices if I do say so myself. Stella has been chewing on her new toy on and off since we gave it to her Thursday morning and it has yet to tear. The cat enjoys stalking the red light on the floor for about two and a half minutes. Then Stella tries to join in the game by jumping on Nellie's head and then the fun is over...for the cat anyway.

The owner of the Mut Hut seemed very nice and she is thinking about expanding. Whilst in Toronto, she stopped in at the Bark & Fitz, Beaches location where I do a lot of my shopping. She liked the boutique a lot and is considering expanding in the same manner that Bark & Fitz has. Actually, The Mut Hut reminded me a lot of the Bark & Fitz except they had more of an emphasis on toys and less on dog food and treats. They did not offer grooming services but they did have a pretty great selection for cats.

Anyway, we only stayed in Canmore for about an hour and we were off to enjoy the rest of our holiday!

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