Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Fart Sniffing Dog is Ruining My Professional Image

A common problem among Boston Terriers is that they often, well, fart. And not girly little farts that make guests giggle, I mean really smelly, eye watering, clear out a room, silent but deadly killers. I have explained this to my friends and most are very forgiving although still grossed out when it happens. The funny thing about my Boston, Stella is that, unlike everyone else within 20 feet, she does not seem to notice her own gaseous emmissions. At the same time, if anyone or anything else lets out a little fart, her ears will perk up and she will exitedly sniff out the source of the offensive odour. Her cute little pug nose will follow the trail right to the offender.

This weekend I had a couple of friends over for conversation, wine and appetisers. We were all having a nice time when all of a sudden the room filled with that familiar, Stella induced stench. Everyone in the room turned to my Boston Terrier puppy and in almost perfect unision exclaimed "Stel-la". Well, Stella's ears perked right up and she started sniffing the air. My boyfriend and and I stared at eachother in horror as she excitedly started following her nose. My guests did not immediately understand what was happening but all watched Stella with immense interest. Before I had time to react, Stella quickly sniffed her way over to one of our guests (who just moments ago had accused her of being the odor causing culprit), struggled up onto the sofa and shoved her face right in his butt! She was so excited and proud that she found the source of the smell, she started barking and growling.

How embarrassing! Of course, with the exception of one very embarrassed guest, every one of us started laughing. Most of us laughed so hard that we cried! Even though it happened a couple days ago, everyonce in a while the image of Stella sniffing out that fart will pop into my mind and I will start laughing all over again. I have burst into laughter twice at work today, once in the middle of a meeting!

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