Wednesday, May 2, 2007

On Being Vegetarian in a Meat Loving Office

If the sales guys in my office reach quota for the month, we are all treated to lunch. Lunch comes in the form of gourmet sandwiches. They are said to be incredible. I wouldn't know because I am a vegetarian and the sandwiches are available in only three varieties: chicken, beef, or veal. I once asked if the restaurant had a veggie sandwich but alas I was told "no". Accompanied with this verbal response was a very strange facial expression that could only be deciphered as "...and you are demented for asking".

I used to give my sandwich to one of the particularly piggy sales guys who was not satisfied with just one free lunch. Now I give my sandwiches to my boyfriend for his lunch. He is not a vegetarian at all. He eats whatever I make for him for dinner and lunch, of course,and he usually enjoys it but when we eat out, he goes straight for the burgers. I am not complaining about that either. It is my personal choice to be a vegetarian, and while I believe that in a perfect world, no animals would die for human consumption, I can't force other people to think and feel the way I do about everything. Hell, I am proud of myself for curbing his habit of leaving cupboard doors open and uncovered food in th fridge. I can't imagine taking on the challenge of getting him to stop eating meat!

I understand that my employer is being very nice to offer all of his employees a free lunch. And I do believe that it serves to motivate everyone to reach quota. I don't even mind that they do not order me a veggie sandwich. I could do with out the dirty look, though. I try not to pass judgement on their eating choices and habits, I would appreciate the same courtesy.

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