Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Idaho, the Land of Amazing Shoe Sales

I ended up spending a good portion of my vacation at my friend and recent graduate, Bryan's apartment in Moscow, Idaho. I usually hate staying at other people's houses but Bryan is a fun guy with a spare bedroom and a shower that has great water pressure. He also has the Nintendo Wii (graduation present). The Wii is a lot more fun then I thought it would be. Usually when there are more players than controllers sheer boredom will ensue for the person whose turn it is to spectate. With the Wii, though, it is just as fun for the person who is waiting for her turn because she gets to choose between watching a bunch of demented bunnies get smushed on screen or her equally demented friend and boyfriend jumping up and down, swinging their arms as if they were being attacked by killer bees. Now that is good entertainment!

I had forgotten how CHEAP everything is in Idaho! We went to the bars and enjoyed $1.50 well drinks and $3 marguertitas! Oh, and ladies play pool for free! Cheers to chilvary not being dead! I also bought about 6 pairs of shoes, jewellery, a watch and gifts for almost everyone I know. I barely even went over budget....okay I went quite a bit over budget but the deals were just too good! Perfectly understandable of course; everyone but my boyfriend would have done the same.

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