Friday, May 11, 2007

The Bath Tub: My Dog's New Play Place

My puppy, Stella is full of odd behaviour. Usually her antics are some crazy combination of cute and completely infuriating.

One of her more cute, less infuriating behavour patterns is this. She hates taking a bath. The minute I put her in the tub she shakes and shivers, looking at me with those giant googly eyes. The second I turn around she tries, and has recently figured out how, to jump out of the tub. At the same time, whenever I am in the shower, she whines and cries to get into the tub!

Yesterday, I was showering with Stella whining and crying on the other side of the curtain and I decided "why not?" I picked her up and dropped her in the shower with me. She had a ball! She ran around chasing water and knocking over shampoo bottles. She really loved her shower! So much so that later that day she figured out how to use her crate (which is right next to the bathtub) as leverage to haul herself up, over, and into the tub. Now she can not only get out, she can get in, too.

So now the bathtub is her new favourite play place. She brings her toys in there with her to play. It is great because I can get a lot more done around the house when I am not chasing her around attempting unsuccessfully to thwart her bad chewing behaviour. What a crazy little dog!

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