Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Canada's Borders Need More Tourist Appeal

After making our way out of Banff National Park, I complained to Mark that I hadn't seen any mountain goats. Despite the fact that I had been through Banff several times in the past, I had yet to see a single one of the goats that are supposed to be so plentiful in that area. This has always been a sore spot for me because, well, I am a lover of all animals but especially the ones that do not get enough respect and adoration for simply existing to be the marvelous creatures that they are. My boyfriend then complained to me that he hadn't seen any hot rods or antique cars yet (even though I told him about a fofillian times that he would see them once we hit the Idaho/Washington area). Of course at this point a hilarious debacle ensues but I have already written it once on helium so please go here to read it. It's short, I promise.

After that incident was over, we headed to the border without any further life threatening experiences. I was fairly certain that we would not have any problems getting into the US but I was totally freaked out any way. Being a past foreign student in the U.S. (with a student visa) I still get all trembly and sweaty when crossing. There were some instances, especially right after 9/11 that I was given a really hard time when going back and forth between USA and Canada. Even a lot of the U.S. citizens I talked to mentioned to me that they had an easier time getting into Canada than back into the States. Yet apparently, there is a real concern that the Canadian border does not cater enough to the USA and their tourists. I am not joking, here is the article I found this morning in Northern Ontario Business. Apparently, our border needs to become more "American tourist centric" or our economy is going to suffer. Serves us right for having such a small population and so many campgrounds, I say.

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