Saturday, September 22, 2007

Lampshades and chocolate parties

After waking up early for the Withrow Market, which was crazy busy today, leaving that market to do a quick tour of the Brickworks Market, which was even crazier busy, and then heading to the Toronto FC match for a 4 hour shift, which was INSANE busy, I am officially wiped out. I was supposed to attend a chocolate party at the Carrot Common but it is simply not possible.

As tired as I am, though, I am never too tired to blog about lampshades! Could anyone be too tired to blog about lampshades, really? Even if you don't consider them to be a fun subject, you can't deny that lampshade! is a fun word.

Actually, we bought a really fun sort of starburst pattern chandelier for our bedroom. As soon we are done painting (or, you know, started for that matter) we will start picking out lamp bases and a lampshade or two to go on our newly built end tables. Yay!

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