Thursday, September 20, 2007

Still pining for a getaway

As I have one friend preparing to visit the UK, I have another visiting from Europe this week, I went out for a few pints with him last night. It was great seeing him again and catching up after a long separation.

Visiting with him, though, made me pine for a holiday again. to be honest, I am not even particular about where this holiday should take place! Singapore, New York, Hong Kong, anywhere that I can get cheap flights to, really. It doesn't have to be an incredibly long vacation, short breaks are totally acceptable!

There is a UK based company that specializes in world wide city breaks. I wonder if that is the company my friend used to come visit me. Hopefully they will offer some great holiday offers so that he can come back here again this winte, or better yet, I can go there! I have not been to the UK in forever. I won't say how long becuase I would totally date myself!

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