Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Impending Shopping Excursion

So after about eleventy billion posts, I am finally getting a weekend away. That is right, I am packing up the puppy dog, the boyfriend, the mother, and the ten year old brother and I am heading off to the fabulous and exotic location of Buffalo, New York....sigh.

So Buffalo in September is not quite what I had in mind but it can work. With the Canadian dollar dangerously hanging around the area of par, I am bound to get some good deals...or should I say deals I should be getting anyway because it is so pathetic that everything is still being marked up by 15% to account for our weaker dollar. BAH! But I digress....

The point is that the family and I are going to enjoy some nice, relaxing shopping therapy and then we are going to take Stella for a fun walk along the American side of the Falls. The view will be awesome and I can’t wait to see my furry baby’s reaction (yes I am referring to Stella, not the boyfriend.

I am going to go make the Hotel Reservations now and the first site I am visiting is They are supposed to have some awesome deals on Hotel Reservations for destinations all over the world, hopefully including Buffalo. I have very simple hotel requirements, really. Cheap, clean, and completely dog friendly....and close to a giant mall. And not too far from the Falls. And non smoking. And Bright. Okay, maybe my requirements are a little more complicated than I thought but I am confident that can help.

So now that I know where I am going, how I am getting there, and where to book, I just need to figure out how I make the next two days not pass in an agonizingly slow manner. Should I twiddle my thumbs? Sudoku? Internet Solitaire? Oh, I know. I will get back to work! Gawh!

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