Monday, September 17, 2007

Off to London (England, not Ontario)

I have a friend who is a modern day gypsy. He has traveled all over the world yet he always comes back to Toronto.

He often goes to the UK for months at a time, usually staying in London. Well, last night he announced that he would, once again be going back to London for a few months. After jealously glaring at him for about three and a half minutes, I decided to move on and be grown up. Heck, I will even offer him some advice.

When he is in London and desiring to hit the London bar scene, which I know he will, he should look for London bars on They have totally revamped their site and it has a lot of cool stuff to offer. You know, to people who aren’t me and stuck in T.O. for the entirety of its glorious slush season otherwise known as winter.

So go, Mike, go. You have my blessing as long as you promise to have a pint on me.

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