Monday, September 17, 2007

Visit a new blog and win a free 8GB ipod touch

I have added a new blog to my blog roll: Impressionable Youth. My friends little sister is writing most of the entries and I think she is doing great. She is writing mostly about cool Canadian bands.

She is tryiing to win a really cool new 8GB ipod touch and I clicked on the link a couple of times, entered my info and then was given the code to post the contest on my blog. So if you feel like trying to win a new, awesome ipod touch, click on the ad below or visit her site and click on her ad.

What a fun and busy weekend I had.

The Birchcliff Village market was pretty much rained out, the car wouldn't start and that was a fun and wet challenge. We got it started eventually but there is something wrong with a sensor switch....I love having a mechanic as a boyfriend.

The Withrow market went well the next morning, though and there were a bunch of adorable dogs there, as usual.

I worked the Toronto FC match this weekend and it was cold and a drunk fan yelled at me for not giving him my beer coozie (long story) but it was still pretty enjoyable. Oh, with the exception that the streetcar tracks are torn up and I had to catch a bus from the fairgrounds to the streetcar to the subway so by the time I got to the Eaton Centre it was closed. Ah well, it ended up that one of the girls I was working with was going the same way and we had a fun chat about pretty much nothing!

Boxing was cancelled last weekend because the trainer got called in for a shift at his day job so I went for my first lesson yesterday. Guess what? The trainer didn't show for that lesson! Not a good sign, I think. But it turned out okay. I knew pretty much everyone in the class and we hung out and bounced on Yoga balls, practised our stance, timing, and punching. It was a good time. I am looking forward to a real lesson.


Impressionable Youth said...

Hey, Edie's friend!

Thanks for the mention! I'm currently working on a new colour scheme. It seems that the grey isn't everyone's cup of tea. Perhaps my monitor is just a little off colour and I didn't notice. I shall now proceed to click on your banner and other various posted links.


Nanette said...

No problem on the mention, Edie's friend! I will check back soon to see your new colour scheme.

Nanette said...

oops. I meant to say "no problem Edie's sister...