Friday, September 28, 2007

Taking Photos, Irritating Friends

I have become quite the photograpeher lately, thanks to my dog. She is just so cute and quirky I can't help but take about three billion pictures of her. Of course that means that I have officially become one of those annoying people who send way too many photos of her loved ones (ie. dog) to anyone who has the misfortune of being on her email list.

Honestly, I hate it when my friends and family send me a gazillion photos of their new baby - who, by the way, resembles a red tomato in every single pic and from every single angle - so what on earth possesses me to continue sending pics of my Boston terrier baby to people on my email list whom I haven't seen in three years? Until I figuree out the answer, I will make this deal. I will stop sending photos of my Stella Bella when they stop sending email chain letters..GAWH! That is SOOO much more annoying than photos of my cutie pie...and slightly more annoying than 20 differnt pictures of your red tomato eating pureed string beans, but I digress.

Actually, I am taking a design course at George Brown right now and as a result my photography skills, and pics of my adorable puppy, are coming in handy. Of course this means that my file sharing is starting to get even more out of hand. Luckily I am being introduced to Driveway. Driveway allows me to file share up tp 500MB with just the right click of my mouse. And they jsut added a bunch of cool newstuff like widgets and whatnot. What a great (and fast) tool! Hopefully it will make my life a bit easier.

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