Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Secret

Last night my friend came over with the dvd "The Secret" I watched almost the entire dvd but then I remembered that I has some work that needed to be done by. I was up until 1am completing it!

I am a big proponent on the power of positive thinking but I cannot buy into the idea that all you have to do is think positive all of the time and only good things will happen. I just think that people can focus on the negative or the positive. Whatever a person chooses to focus on will become the most prominent thing in life at that time.

Anyway, the film had some important things to consider, unfortunately all credibltity went out the window when one of the speakers went on and on about how no one knows how electricity works. Honestly.


Bryan said...

I spent the last 5 years learning how electricity works. I can tell you, for a certifiable fact that there are people that really understand how electricity works. Holy crap, do they know how electricity works.

debtfreeme said...

Hello fellow mylotter stopping by to say hi. I wanted to read the Secret but it was never available at the library. I believe in the power of positive thinking as well. I'll have to read the book to see what everyone is ranting about.

Nanette said...

5 years? bah! I could have done it in 4.75, I am sure. ;)

Bryan said...

That extra .25 years was because I'm a big dummy, I'm willing to admit that.