Monday, September 10, 2007

Stella at the Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair

Between baking and cleaning this weekend, the Boyfriend, dog, and I went to the Vegetarian Fair at Habourfront Centre.

I had a booth there last year but with the big move, the farmers markets, and the prearation for the launch of my new company, I simply did not have the time this summer. Maybe next summer.

There were some great booths there, of course, and I got lots of pictures. My favourites were those of Stella:

Stella stopping to smell the flowers. Then she tried to eat a bee and it was time to go.

Stella's new friend.

Stella playing with her new friend.

Stella had a great time at the Toronto Vegetarian fair but she was being bad the whole time. There was so many good smells and food crumbs that she found it too difficult to concentrate on being good. That's okay, we can give her a break once in a while.

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