Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend of Madness at the St. Lawrence Market

I occasionally work for an event staffing company in Toronto. The pay is okay but that is not why I do it. The assignments are usually interesting and just when I start to think they are getting stale, I get a really fun, crazy paced one. That is what the assignment was like this weekend.

I was hired to help distribute promotional materials in downtown Toronto at the St. Lawrence Market. I immediately jumped on board with this one because I love the St. Lawrence Market and it is not far from my condo. I won't go into all the boring particulars of my duties but essentially I helped hand out these smart looking cloth grocery bags. Everyone wanted them and soon the whole are was completelety saturated with shoppers carrying blue totes! People were swarming me (and the other girls) to get them.

Some of the shopkeeps asked if they could give them out to their customers and I said yes to few of them. Some of them I said no to, though, because they were being greedy. They would try to get as many bags as they could from me by telling me they were for family members. Once they saw they had reached their limit with me, they would drop the bags off in the building and then do the same routine with my two co-workers. They were even coming back to me disguised in hats ad coats or sweaters, hoping that I wouldn't recognise them. Ah well, it is hard to blame them. The bags were pretty cool.

There was one store, Domino Foods, that I gave a lot of bags too. The employees were all so nice and the manager promised to make sure that every bag had a flyer in it. At the end of our shift, my boyfriend (who came a long to help me out, the sweetie-pie) and I went to the store to drop off some extra inventory and the manager gave us drinks and snacks. That was really appreciated because I had been so busy my entire shift that I hadn't bothered taking my break.

We walked around Domino Foods for a bit, it was amazing how much stuff was in there! Lots of bulk foods like trail mixes, nuts, and even peanut butter made fresh in the store. There were jars of sauces and marinades, imported organic chocolate and cookies. My boyfriend and I recognised a some items from our time in Europe. Generally they just had a lot of stuff that would probably be difficult to find anywhere else.

Anyway, I took a card from them and I fully intend to do quite a bit of shopping there.

Domino Foods
Dried & Glazed Fruit - Roasted & Raw Nuts - Spices - Coffee & Tea
St Lawrence Market, South Side
93 Front Street East
Toronto Ontario
M5E 1C3
(416) 366-2178

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