Monday, October 1, 2007

Back From Buffalo

As evidenced by this post, we all made it back from Buffalo in one piece. I say Buffalo but really it was Cheektawaga that we stayed in. It was an amazing shopping experience. I spent way too much but I now have a dress, shoes, purse, and coat for my cousin's wedding that is coming up in late October...on a friday evening which I think is crazy and now I have to take a day off work to get my hair and nails done, but I digress...

There were a tonne of great deals in the States and I took advantage, that's for sure! I bought a lot of stuff for about half of what I would've paid here. Unfortunatley I did not find anything for my Stella. I wanted to get her the most adorable dog collar from Coach but it was $70 and Mark would have thrown a fit. I did not see any dog boutiques even though I was keeping my eye out for one. I am sure they have them all over in the US, just not in the malls I went to. I did find a dog dish in the Burberry outlet that was a reasonable price but it did not match my kitchen.

We were all very nervous crossing the border because we had bought so much stuff. Fortunately, and I think it had everything to do with Stella's cuteness, the Border officer just wavved us through when we said we had only spent about $500 each.

Stella was sleeping on my lap when we arrived at the border. The Border patrol officer said "Awh, she's zonked." and little Stella Bella raised up her head, looked at her with her big googly eyes, tilted her head to the side and then sat up straight as if she were on display for inspection. We all laughed and the officer waved us through.

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