Tuesday, April 24, 2007

FDA Announces Pet Food Tainting May Have Been Intentional...duh.

So pet food may have been intentionally tainted so that it would appear more protein rich. This is an announcement? I would be very surprised to find out that this whole mess did not begin with an intentional act stemming from either greed or incompetence or both. It is so typical, in this day and age. After all, why spend time and money on proper ingredients when there is probably some additive or chemical out there that can do the same job?

I think it is human nature to try to circumvent traditional methods of maintaining a high quality of life in favour of a new and improved quick fix. In little doses it may not seem to be so detrimental but all of a sudden it just blows up in our faces. It is crazy how this entire tragedy, all of these suffering pets and people, are likely the result of one trickster’s decision to cut corners and reap rewards that were not deserved.

Read MSNBC's article: FDA: Pet food tainting might be intentional

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