Monday, April 16, 2007

Puppies Have Selective Training

Is it strange that my Boston Terrier puppy has learned to fetch before she has been completely paper trained? She is almost there with the paper training but she had two or three accidents this weekend. We are being patient but it is very frustrating. Then my friend brought Stella a squeaky ball this Sunday and right away she took to picking it up and letting it go in my boyfriend's hand. She even brought it over to me but I had been doing homework all day and so after I took the ball from her and threw it across the room she simply took advantage of the situation by jumping in my lap. That is what I get for putting the laptop down.

So my Stella will now 'sit' and 'stay' when I am putting food in her bowl and she will fetch a rubber ball but still can't always make it to her puppy pad. Oh next week I am sure!

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