Monday, April 23, 2007

My Dog Puked On My Mother's Lap. Sorry Mom.

My poor Stella was not feeling great this weekend. All that she wanted to do was cuddle on my lap. It might be because the weather really warmed up this weekend and it was her first experience with Spring/Summer temperatures. Bostons can get overheated very easily.

I did not want to leave Stella at home by herself when she was feeling yucky so I brought her to my accountant's office. My mom had a meeting with the accountant right after me so she gave us a lift. Stella pretty much slept the whole ride into Pickering but at one point she woke up, looked around and then crawled onto to my mom's lap. She looked up at my mother with those adorable eyes and then puked. It was all over my mom's lap! Before my mother could let out an astonished "Oh!", Stella returnedto my lap and promptly fell back to sleep.

My mom had to meet with accountant with her jeans covered in dog puke. She was a good sport about it but it was really gross and I could tell my mom was pissed.

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