Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Puppies and Homework Do Not Mix

Stella was driving me CRAZY last night. She was so full of energy, she was bouncing off the walls. She chewed everything except her own toys and she wouldn't sit still for a minute but she always wanted to be on my lap. It was like she wasn't happy unless she was crawling all over me whilst chewing some expensive article of clothing. To make matters worse, I was trying to get my final project done for night class tonight. The program wasn't working and Stella discovered the joy of chewing on computer chords. My homework is still not complete, the computer kept crashing. It was so bad that I fianlly gave up when I couldn't reopen my project to see what was saved and what was lost.

Anyway, I will stop complaining and head to my night class. I have the feeling my instructor is not going to be too sympathetic

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