Thursday, April 5, 2007

Puppies are Gross

My boyfriend and I brought home the most adorable 8 week old Boston terrier. We have been planning for over a year to get her. We did so much research to make sure that we got the right breed to suit our lifestyle and small space. It is so weird that in all that research we did, we did not read the tiniest little bit about how GROSS these helpless creatures are. Sure, we read about how much work, time and energy our new bundle of joy would be, but absolutely nothing was mentioned about their yucky bouts of diarrhea (my boyfriend actually threw up once, although that may have been his attempted ploy to never have to clean after her again). Also never mentioned was their penchant for eating anything within reach...which may or may not account for the diarrhea.

Among the things my canine connoisseur deems to be gourmet fare is:

- My hair
- Kitty litter
- Her own poop
- Newspaper
- Anything that is in the wastebasket including dental floss and toenail clippings
- The furniture

Okay, the last one is not so much gross as completely exasperating. Anyway, I am not regretting getting my dog. I am however at a much deeper level of understanding as to why puppies are so ridiculously cute. If they were ugly, we would never put up with their....well, crap.

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