Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Review on that Stuffed Squeaky Weiner Dog Toy in the Petsmart Commercial

I make a lot of toys for my cat and puppy (that is right, I have no life) but I was in the petstore buying catlitter a few days ago when I saw a bunch of those stuffed, squeaky weiner dog toys that are in the Petsmart commercial, the one where the adorable weiner dog carries around the stuffed weiner dog until finally it is so dirty that they have to go to Petsmart to replace the toy. Anyway, I bought a pink one for my spoiled Stella and gave it to her that night. She went crazy for it! Stella is only about 9 weeks old, the toy was as long as her. It was like she did not know where to chew next! She dragged the toy around for three whole days. The problem is that she has only had it for a a few days and the thing is already torn to shreds. As I mentioned before, my puppy is a pigdog and will eat pretty much anything. I can now add weiner dog stuffing to the list (oh, and underwear but I digress). I have had to sew it up twice for her already but last night, it was torn so badly, I think it is irrepairable. This sucks because it is by far her favourite toy and, although I love my dog, I refuse to replace a $9 toy once per week.

Until they come up with tougher toys, I am going to have to go back to the homemade ones. I am sure if I put in a little more effort, I will find one that is comparable to a squeaky pink weiner dog.

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